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Candles, Pots & Things

The story begins many years ago with my passion for aromas of the natural world and a desire to match that with the love of unique natural artwork.
As with much in life dreams and ideas come and go, some stay longer than others and there are those that we hold throughout our lives. Then there are those that blossom into tangible developments that are the realization of a long-held dream.
Candles, Pots & Things is such a dream, an idea that has come to fruition to enable me to share my passion for the aromas and artwork of the natural world.
This dream has been in development for the past 6 years and has gone through many iterations, with many years of study in business, perfumery, and art, which has led to the pursuit across many countries of unique and natural ingredients allowing me to make many original scents that will take you to many places real and dreamed.
Please enjoy the fruits of my labor and I welcome feedback that will help me to grow my knowledge and brand.
Much love, Sarah

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